Reaction is a person’s ability to respond physically and mentally to external stimuli and agility is the ability to move quickly and easily. In a athletes sports performance training these two go hand and hand. In order to build your agility you have to first work on the speed of your reaction. Reaction comes from training the brain to process and then tell the body to move.


All speed training workouts start with reaction and agility drills to wake up the body. Speed training includes fast and short sprints so your nerve, muscle, and energy systems can adapt and develop. There are a few focuses which will enhance your speed. Strength, core stability, mobility, flexibilty and technique are key to improving your speed. Strength and speed are developed at the same time. The muscles of the core stabilize the trunk during movement and assist in rapid and powerful leg and arm action.


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Injuries are inevitable in sport competition. The cumulative effect of the constant, inherent pounding on the body eventually takes its toll. However, a comprehensive, well-organized, properly administered and year-round strength training program results in musculo-tendon units that are more resilient to the stresses and impact forces sustained in athletic activities.