Personal Training


Injuries are inevitable in sport competition. The cumulative effect of the constant, inherent pounding on the body eventually takes its toll. However, a comprehensive, well-organized, properly administered and year-round strength training program results in musculo-tendon units that are more resilient to the stresses and impact forces sustained in athletic activities.


Our fitness training consists of various styles or techniques. H.I.I.T Training i find to be the most productive when it comes to the common weight loss. When you combine a program with HIIT, Functional Body weight calisthenics and weight volume training you will reach all goals you can imagine with overall fitness for Body Toning/Sculpting, and weight management.


An Elite Fitness personal trainer is an excellent option for anyone interested in not simply weight loss but also complete fitness. Our Elite Fitness Personal Trainers are specialists in getting those that desire better health and a fit body the results they want fast; and, a good one will provide the much needed motivation and accountability necessary to reach those goals. If you are ready to lose those extra pounds and get healthy once and for all, a personal trainer is the best investment in yourself that you can make!


Not every athlete plays the same sport, position or need the same athletic performance enhancements. Our programs are perfect for any of your goals. We will support and provide education for you on this journey based on my knowledge and experience. We will take you to that next level. All of our programs take serious dedication and accountability outside of your program gym workouts.