5K fundraiser to give back to the hospital. 



5K COVID Fundraiser


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Library at Byram, 1 Block from the Firehouse Deli.


Around early April, my oldest daughter and I were confirmed Covid positive. I quickly spiraled down. My fever was consistently over 103 and a max of 104.7. By the afternoon of 4/12 my breathing became very labored. My wife rushed me to the ER when she noticed my lips becoming blue. Once the ER admitting nurse checked my oxygen level, she realized I was in bad shape. I was given oxygen right away and admitted to the hospital. For the next 5 days the doctors and nurses fought to get me breathe on my own to no avail. By that Friday, I was moved to the ICU as I was getting worse, and they wanted to keep a close eye on me. After 16 hours in the ICU my doctor told me I had to be ventilated and administered a trial version of Remdesivir. I was put into a medical coma while the doctors and nurses helped me fight Covid. I was taken off the ventilator after 21 days. I spent a week recovering in the hospital and then another week at a physical rehab facility to try to learn to walk again.

After 37 days at the hospital and 9 days at the rehab facility I came and started at-home physical and occupational therapy for almost 2 months. I had lost about 50 pounds in hospital. I started my recovery by walking about .1miles down the street with my wife, resting for a bit and then walking back home. By September I had recovered most my physical abilities and was consistently walking 3-4 miles daily with my wife. Around November the nerve pain in my legs had diminished to the point where I could start jogging with minimal discomfort. By early December I started thinking about taking my recovery to the next level and started a 5k training programs. I saw the calendar and realized that the program would end at about the 1-year anniversary of my trip to the ER. I decided to dedicate my 5K to the nurses and doctors that risked and sacrificed so much to fight for me and my family. Initially, a handful of nurses that treated me wanted to participate in the Cidman5K. Slowly as more family and friends heard about my Cidman5K, the excitement around the event only grew.

After during a trial run of the Cidman5K route to the hospital, I realized I need some help to make sure I would be able to accomplish my goal. I was fortunate to have found Shawn and Elite Performance and Fitness to push me beyond what I thought I was cable of. I am now working on ensuring my body is as strong and ready for the Cidman5K so I can properly honor my Greenwich Hospital angels.

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